Getting A New Ship To The Launch Pad

Encouraging Angels is a ministry to the disabled, the MR and special needs through music, message and testimony. We have been ‘at it’ going on 13 years and our ‘Alive At 5:55’ is now entering its 10th year. We have ministered to a lot of affected folks as well as those who love and care for them (whether they be family or professionals).

We have seen a lot of changes as well and that brings us to the purpose of this post. We are committing 2019 to being a year of change and growth. Change in getting many more involved in experiencing the ‘music, message and testimony’ by reaching out through a regular broadcast to those are cannot come to us. We will engage in a campaign of phone calls and marketing in order to get those who cannot physically come to us to be not only aware of us, but aware that they can participate in their own way through the broadcast we will provide.

So this is indeed a ‘new chapter’. But in 2019 change in delivery also means a change in the technology used to achieve it. A -big- change.

Before we kick this off we have to learn how to set up and produce a 3 camera shoot. We have to learn how to set up and operate a professional audio and video broadcast interface (hardware and software). Because we are broadcasting in the public domain we have new copyright issues to comply with that we didn’t have to really worry about previously. And a few other things as well that go along with this change…

Its a lot to assimilate, understand and carry out in order to get this ship onto the launch pad and a bit more for a successful launch into this new endeavor. We hope that as you see this emerge in the near future that you and/or your friends/family or acquaintances who are those we are looking to serve will consider participating.