Delays and Delta Dawn

So we normally start our Spring/Summer session of 'Alive At 5:55' a few weeks earlier than we are this year. My wife's Dad developed pneumonia and died (91 yrs old) just about 4 weeks ago and as you can imagine, there are a few things to do in wrapping up his affairs and the emotional cost of saying goodbye to someone so close whom we really (especially my wife) really took care of for the last 11 years since his wife (my mother-in-law) died.

As you may know, our ministry to the disabled is a music ministry that helps to create socialization and acceptance of the disabled and 'MR' community. Music is a very healing thing and something that binds people of many backgrounds together.

As my wife and I sat with her Dad in the hospital on his last day on earth, my wife took out her iPhone and put on Pandora for her Dad. He loved country music; both kinds: Country -and- Western. 'Delta Dawn' came on and I couldn't help but to think of just how fitting that song was for him... 'and did I hear you say he was-a meetin' you here today to take you to that mansion in the sky?'

For all of us, at that moment when we breathe our last, we will be met by 'he'. Either 'He' known as Jesus Christ, our redeemer because we made a decision to trust Him with our life and believed that 'He' is the Son Of God, is very God of very God and lived the perfect life in our place and died on the cross to save us from our sins and rose to life so that we might have eternal life. will be met by 'he' known as Satan and taken to a place that is completely separated from God and what Jesus described as a place where...'the worms that eat them do not die, and the fire is not quenched.' (Mark 9:48)

As my wife eulogized her Dad later that week she told those that were there to honor him that she and I had had numerous discussions with her Dad about accepting Christ as his savior and that her Dad did indeed accept Jesus as his deliverer and that we could have the confidence that her Dad was now in the presence of The Lord-he was now in 'that mansion in the sky'.

So as we start our 2018 season we do it with a heavy, but grateful heart and that the reason we keep doing Encouraging Angels is so that we can share Jesus with those that we know and minister to.