May 5, 1961: The date of the launch of the first US manned space flight. Alan Shepherd’s Freedom 7 capsule reached an altitude of 116 miles an when he splashed down the flight had taken just 15 minutes,

NASA of course orbited the earth (John Glenn), went from a 1 person capsule to a 2 person capsule (the Gemimi program) and reached the Moon in the summer of 1969 with Apollo. But it all started with Mercury.

Encouraging Angels launched our live broadcast of Alive At 5! last Wednesday. It took a lot of work to get to that point and we are still working out issues of a technical nature. We are still really in the period of a ‘soft launch’ as we work out the bugs before we do a ‘Grand Opening’ with a marketing campaign to help get the word out.

We look to serve the special needs/disabled/MR community wherever they are. The fact is that the majority of the disabled and their caregivers have limited ability to get out so we are using the broadcast to speak directly to them. So if you (the affected person and the caregiver) are ‘stuck’ where you are you can use the broadcast to have a sense of belonging and a place to receive music, message and fellowship.

If you run or work at an institution or church, we look to perform, minister and broadcast live from your venue. If would would be interested in hosting EA’s ‘Alive At 5’ please contact us.