What do you do when people dissapoint you?

What do you do when people disappoint you? I was supposed to go running with a friend this morning after planning to have him pick me up so we could go to another part of the city to run where it is relatively flat and we could do long, slow training run. After waiting for a very long time, he didn't show up.

My day and plans were out the window and I still have a race to run in a few weeks that I need to keep training for.

Disabled and Special Needs people (and those that care for them) live life a lot like good runners do. They have to prepare to get out of the house each day wearing special clothes for what they do. A runner has special shoes just for the type of race or training they are involved in. Affected people not only have special shoes, but many have wheelchairs, speech equipment, feeding tubes and lots more just to run the race of life. Many runners have coaches; the disabled have Occcpational, Vision and Physical Therapists who help them improve.

And like my friend, lots of people act like they are running the race with you and pay verbal homage to the 'said' faith that they are 'down for the struggle' with you. But in fact, in this life when the race is getting ready to start you are sometimes faced with running the race with very few friends. In many cases you must be prepared to run the race -alone-.

Easter was just last week. By the time Jesus went to the cross, all the apostles had abandon or forsaken Him. Oh, a few watched while He was on the cross, but Jesus finished His work on earth -alone- on the cross.

Today, Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father with all power. He finished His race and finished well and accomplished His goal. My friend may have left me on my own today, but I still have race to run. And so it is time to stretch, put on my running clothes, eat a gel, put on my headphones and head towards my aim...and at least for today...-alone-.....