The Resurrection: -Knowing- that you know

As I write this it is early Easter morning. I feel a quite confidence in -knowing- that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead, just as He said. Skeptics and unbelievers have various explanations to explain away the resurrection. Once upon a time the students of Harvard Law challenged Dr. Simon Greenleaf, who wrote the 3 volume masterwork 'A Treatise on the Law of Evidence' which the The Dictionary of American Biography called "the greatest single authority in the entire literature of legal procedure'. This same man was also the 'Dane Professor of Law' at Harvard.

He stated in one of his classes that the resurrection of Jesus Christ was just  'a legend'. In a refutation, three of his law students challenged him to apply his well known guidelines of evidence to the resurrection account. Greenleaf accepted and commenced his investigation. Greenleaf set out to prove that the account of the resurrection was just legend. However as he examined the facts in light of the evidence Greenleaf accepted the details and evidence as proving the resurrection of Jesus Christ as fact.  This work culminated in his writing of 'The Testimony of the Evangelists'. I believe that it is profound that a man of his legal stature became a Christian in light of his honest examination of the historical information found in the Bible.

Have you considered making your own honest examination of the facts of the resurrection of Jesus? Consider reading 'The Testimony of the Evangelists' and the accounts of the resurrection in the New Testament (Matt 28, Mark 16, Luke 24).

Confidence comes from -knowing- that you know...